So my plan was to have this amazing post today about all the things I saw between leaving Texas and Destin. All I saw was a burning truck, interstate and trees. No joke. So change of plans- just thought I would do a quick update and share something very special to me.

The drive was good- total drive time 9.5 hours. Ugh- I am more of a “let’s fly” kind of girl, but I took one for the team and we drove. I just get so stir crazy in the car for that long. It was really cool to see Mississippi and Alabama- I’ve never been to either of those states before. I think I want to go check out Mobile,AL for reals though- it looks like a cool town.

Today is beach day so watch for tomorrow’s post which will have much more travel adventure. I can’t wait to check out the beach- I hear they are beautiful here.

Alright speaking of beautiful. I have something I want to share with you all. I have added another Minkoff to my little family and she’s beautiful.

rebecca minkoff bag

I found her on Saks Off 5th and fell completely in love with her. If you don’t know I am a huge Rebecca Minkoff snob. She just gets me. Do you ever find a brand you like and are just ” yesssssss thank you for understanding my sense of style”? That’s Minoff for me.

I’ve only had her about a month and it’s been great. I love the black on black on black and the saddle shape is great. I love cross body, because let’s face it I am a mom and mommy needs two hands free at most times. Story of my fashionable life- ha.

Ok guys quick post today, but I will have Destin day one up tomorrow so come back and check out what I did today.

The sun is out, I have coffee to finish and I am off to explore.




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