Hi guys. A little bit of a later start on this Sunday morning. I enjoyed a cup of coffee on the patio this morning. Over looking the water really starts my day out different. It’s so relaxing.

Some of our friends are getting in tonight to join us on this vacay. Can’t wait for them to join us.

So let’s go over yesterday- which I thought was going to be our adventure day, but my husband ended up sick and so we really didn’t do too much. My daughter and I spent the afternoon playing some board games together- which I loved, because I was able to spend some quality time together. She has an iPad and so quality board game time usually doesn’t compare if she can play her iPad. Which is a completely different post I want to address in From The Mom.

Anyway, we hung out and we also spent some time down by the pool- floating along the lazy river. It was a relaxing day for us, but I really felt bad for the hubs. He had a rough day.

That being said I thought I would have more to report on day 2, but life happens and you have to roll with it. I am not going to complain about anything when I am in such a beautiful place.

Besides the whole vacay thing I wanted to talk about my hair for a quick second. I know it’s totally random and this will be an intro into another post I have planned.

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to do something with my hair- it had been looking drab for quite some time and it was just time. I came across a picture of blonde hair I really liked- a cool tone blonde with balayage. I haven’t been blonde in so long and to be honest I was a little nervous to head down that path again, but I found a salon downtown Houston and ripped the bandaid. The stylist at Fringe Salon & Color Bar was so helpful in getting me to where I wanted to be. We both agreed that doing this in a few steps would be much more beneficial in the long run for the life of my hair.

blonde hair color

I am usually not a very patient person, but I am so glad that this is the direction we went. It really did save my hair. You can see that I have quite a warm tone to start with so moving from that to a cool blonde requires some serious skill and my stylist pulled it off. In only two sessions she was able to transform my hair and I am loving it. It’s the perfect blonde for the summer months.

I really love how she documented the change- it really is cool to see the transformation that happened.

Alright guys I just wanted to say a quick hello from Fort Walton Beach and give a little update. Now that the husband is feeling better hopefully things will shake up a bit around here and I will have more tomorrow to share with you all. I hope you are having a great Summer wherever you are reading this from and I will be in touch soon.

I am off to get organized for the day. We have a little adventure we are headed out for. Be sure to come back tomorrow and find out what happened.


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