Guys! Less then 24 hours until this vacay of mine and I have all the running around done and my work wrapped up- it’s time to pack up so we can hit the wide open road tomorrow morning.

I wanted to do a Tiny Treasures post, because I haven’t done one in foreverrrrrr. If you aren’t familiar with these posts– it’s basically me sharing shit that I am really into. I really like reading other blogger quick posts like this- so Tiny Treasures is my version.

Today I am sharing a few things that I really love- two of them I have been using for quite some time and the other is a version of something I have been loving.

I am just going to jump into this one- hope you like.

bose wireless headphones


Ok so I have really loved jumping back into working out. I started back at it after Christmas when I hired a nutritionist who helped me develop a meal plan and I felt confident with my knowledge of workouts– I was a bit of a gym rat back in the day. Not that I KNOW everything, but certainly enough to feel confident.

I was treated to a pair of Bose wireless headphones over Christmas and I am here to say they are amazing. It really does make a huge difference in both cardio and weights to not have to worry about getting tangled up in the damn headphone cord. You have no idea how many times my phone went flying. So annoying.

Not just that, but the sound quality of these are off the charts. Bose doesn’t mess around. The biggest plus of all- these are the sport version which means they are waterproof- runs in the rain? No problem. Out of control sweating- no biggie. They are seriously a dream to workout with and they pair right to my phone as soon as I turn them on- thanks to Bluetooth.

selfie light


Well I am going to be full of myself right now and tell you I broke down and bought I portable selfie light. Yup I have joined the masses and no longer selfie without the accompaniment of JUST my phone- I have my own personal light. Anddddd yes that is a Rebecca Minkoff phone case- ugh the obsession is real.

This cool tone ring light simply clips onto my phone and bang bang I have better looking skin and reduced blemishes. A girl couldn’t ask for more.

Seriously though- it IS pretty cool and if you like taking not just selfies, but pictures in general with your phone this little gem can help when the lighting isn’t ideal. It has three brightness settings and takes 2 triple A batteries. It’s that easy. PLUS- it’s on sale right now. Click in my SHOP THE POST area and check it out.


I have only been doing everything, but shouting it from the rooftops that I am leaving for Florida and I always get a vacay mani | pedi. It’s just what I do.

I put on acrylic nails for Christmas and have been loving these long beauties ever since. I’m actually obsessed with long nails right now. My lady is great and always pulls through on my new ideas.

This time I went with a pale yellow which is cool AF in my opinion. It’s not a color I see everyday and definitely not something I typically go for. I wanted something different and fun for this trip.

Sidenote– these are my actually nail now and I just get an acrylic overlay and finish it off with a shellac polish.

That’s it for me today guys- hope you like my little Tiny Treasures post. I would love to hear what you have been obsessed with lately. Share in the comments below.


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