Hey guys- so today was a travel day for me and that’s why this post is going up soooo late. I drove from Texas to Florida today for a good old fashioned family vacation. We hit a thunderstorm as we arrived across the Florida border and all of the stuff that was in the box of the truck got pretty wet- we have a truck box cover, but that didn’t seem to stop mother nature. That aside we are here and unpacked, dried off and ready to vacay. I will be here for 8 days and will be blogging each day as I go. Something I’ve never done before, but I am excited to try. Don’t forget to catch up with me on social media- I’ll be posting there too.

I wanted to do an August wish list, because there are some things I have been drooling over. I thought I would share them with you. I always enjoy these posts- so I figured why not?


So lately I have been lusting over the idea of Adidas. There are quite a few pieces that I want- one of them being this sweater. I want a classic Adidas sweater for the cooler months ahead. Even though it wont be for quite some time here in Texas- I just might put it on and stand in front of my freezer- door open. That’s how badly I want that sweater on my bod.


I really love to read- some of my favorite book types are dystopian novels, but I also really like a good murder mystery. The darker the better. Yet another favorite read of mine are branding books- which brings me to The Brand Gap. I’ve heard something really great reviews about this book and I also hear it’s very straight to the point. No fluff- which I like. I also really enjoy books that make me think in a different perspective. Sometimes life just gets so routine that I like the “going against the grain- life in the wrong lane” kind of books. That’s why I have How To Murder Your Life on my August wish list.


Guys- I definitely have a Quay obsession like every other red blooded woman. They are a great product that’s on trend for a really great price point. I have my eye on the After Hours tortoise pair. I haven’t owned a pair of tortoise print glasses for quite some time, but they are back so sign me up.


Last, but not least I have really been drooling over this faux lip ring. I would absolutely wear this for a night out. We have Kim Kardashian to thank for this one. Once I saw her and one of my favorite bloggers- Lauryn Evarts wearing one I was hooked. It’s super trendy without having to make the full commitment of a permanent piercing.

So that’s it for me tonight guys. I MUST go chill and reboot. I will see you guys tomorrow for my Destin day 1 experience. What are you guys lusting over? Share in the comments below.


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