Hey guys- so I am feeling so relaxed after yesterday. Day 1 down in the beautiful Fort Walton Beach,FL and yesterday was beach day. I had been so excited to check out the beach since we got here and it did not disappoint.

We got up yesterday morning and had a cup coffee on our balcony which over looks the water and let me just say- I could get used to that life.

The beaches here have the most amazing white sand and it’s said to be some of the whitest in the world. Me being me and the Googling nerd I am wanted to know more about this place. So on the drive down here I looked up some interesting facts about this place and here’s what I found out.

The sand is actually quartz, according to this source, and it traveled here via the Apalachicola River from the Appalachian Mountains and into the Gulf of Mexico. This started over 20,000 years ago, but is still continuing today.

fort walton beach florida

This sand feels like baby powder on my feet- it’s incredible.

We hung out at the beach for a good portion of the afternoon before retiring for some much need A/C it was a cool 103F. We also spent some time at the pool yesterday- which is nice to cozy up in a lounger or float down the lazy river. As I said yesterday had me relaxing.

Today is officially Day 2 for us and I am writing this post while enjoying some coffee and looking out onto that gorgeous water view. We are going to do a bit of exploring today so come back tomorrow to find out what we got up to.

Ok guys I am starvinggggg so I am going to make some eggs and chill before the day gets going. Hope you all have a fab day.

Let me know if you have ever been to the Destin area and what your favorite to-do’s were.


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