So first things first- Happy Friday you guys!

Ok so I thought it would be great to kick off this weekend with a write up about food. Something delicious, easy and nutritious to kick off the weekend.

I was inspired to create this recipe from a new little obsession of mine- Barney Butter Almond Butter with Chia. Ohhhh emmmm geeeee. This stuff is kick a**.

It’s soooo creamy and has the perfect little crunch thanks to our little Chia seed friends. Seriously I could ( ok I HAVE ) eaten it off the spoon. More then once….. or twice. 🙂

Come to think of it this recipe came to mind  as I was eating this almond butter off the spoon. No judgement- right?

Alright so today I am going to show you my Raspberry Almond Chia French Toast ( lazy french toast style & healthier ).

It’s easy and packed full of good stuff your body will thank you for. This would be great for breakfast or a snack.


Barney Butter almond butter with chia
cacao nibs
maple syrup ( the real maple syrup- no pancake syrup)
Udi’s gluten free bread


Start by toasting a piece of gluten free bread. I am an Udi’s girl through and through, but you can use whatever bread you like.

Next, spread the deliciously creamy Barney Butter on the toast.

raspberry almond chia french toast

Place the raspberries on the almond butter toast. I usually use 4-6 raspberries.

Next, sprinkle cacoa nibs onto the toast. Cacao nibs are loaded with antioxidants and according to this source are an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Then drizzle with maple syrup and sprinkle with cinnamon. I freaking love cinnamon so I go heavy on it, but you can add to taste.

raspberry almond chia french toast

It’s soooo easy- told ya. No frying pan- no muss no fuss.

This recipe tastes like a delicious piece of french toast, but is guilt free- just the way I like it.

raspberry almond chia french toast

You guys should definitely try this out and report back to me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

All I have to say is…

Enjoy every bite.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Leave me a comment below!


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