Hi- my name is Kendra and I am a self-aware chia see addict. Seriously love these things.

Why? You might be asking?

Well not only are they super good for you. I mean really good for you and if you are gluten free you might want to take the time to get acquainted with these guys.

They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and are a great way to get the daily fiber you need. So you know you can stay on top of that whole situation. Aside from that you can add them to almost anythings and they have this incredible nutty flavor.

So today I thought I might share a recipe that I hold near and dear to my chia seed loving heart and show you guys how I make jam from them. That’s right- JAM! Not just any jam- chia seed jam! A jam packed with a punch!

Have you ever picked up a jar of regular old jam off the grocery store shelf and looked at the ingredients? Next time you are there- you might want to. Most are loaded with necessary sugars and JAM packed full of preservatives. (Ok the pun was intended)

In an effort to eliminate buying things off the shelf- I decided to take matters in my own hands and make jam. Besides my daughter is half squirrel and loves her peanut butter with- you guessed it- chia seed jam.

This recipe tastes great (kid approved), is super clean and takes literally 30 seconds to make. So let’s make some chia seed jam shall we?


Chia Seeds
Berries of any kind ( we are using blackberries today)
Stevia sweetner (optional)


Start by placing blackberries (or berry of your choice) in a bowl. Amount varies depending on how much jam you are wanting to make. PS- aren’t these bowls adorbs? I think it enhances the jam making experience.

Using a fork mash all of the berries up until you get a jam-like consistency.

Add about 1-2tbsps of chia seeds to the berries. Then squeeze about 1/4 to 1/2 of a lemon in the bowl. Again just eye up the seeds and lemon. If you like alot of lemon go for more.


Stevia is an optional ingredient. I add a pinch when I make it for my daughter to knock out any bitterness of the berries. You can skip this step all together if you like.

Using a fork- mash all the ingredients together and voila you have chia seed jam.

Pretty amazing right? Clean, simple and wait until you taste it.

Enjoy! xo


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